Cryptnos for Android almost ready, need beta testers & translators

April 7th, 2010 | Comment?

I’m pleased to announce that the first version Cryptnos for Android is almost ready for release. The code appears to be fairly stable and it’s all boiled down to little tweaks here and squashing minor bugs there. I’ve already got my Market developer account setup, so it’s just a matter of packaging things and uploading them. I’m itching to do just that, but I really want to iron out the remaining wrinkles first.

Right now, I’m in desperate need of two things: beta testers and translators. On the first item, I’ve done a lot of personal testing in various emulated environments, as well as test on my Motorola Droid, first running Android 2.0.1 and now 2.1. I also have one guinea pig—er, volunteer, a coworker at my day job, who has been testing on his Droid Eris running Android 1.6. Of course, I’d love to have a few more folks play with it and try to destroy it, especially folks with different devices and versions of Android. If you’re willing give it a shot, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll tell you where you can download the APK. I don’t anticipate any destructive changes will need to be made, so you should be able to upgrade to the full version after the final release without losing your data.

I’d also love to get Cryptnos translated into as many languages as possible. I already have volunteers to do European Portuguese and French, but I’d love to add more. Translating the app should be fairly simple; Android pulls text resources from an XML file, so it’s just a matter of translating the individual items in that file and placing the new file in a special directory. After that, the OS itself picks the right text to display based on the user’s locale settings. It will probably be only a few hours of work for who ever tackles it, and of course you will get credit for your hard work. No financial compensation, I’m afraid; I’m not charging anything for this app, so I don’t have anything to pay you with. If you’re willing to help translate, e-mail me at the address linked above.

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