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1.1 for Android and Windows underway

April 28th, 2010 | Comment?

Following on the update to the previous post, now I should announce that work is under way on version 1.1 for both Android and Windows. Actually, I think 1.1 for Windows is close to finished, but I’m not ready to release it quite yet. I want to get started on 1.1 for Android, test them both thoroughly, and try to release them roughly around the same time.

The reason for the version bump and the simultaneous release is that there’s an important new feature I’ll be adding to both: cross-platform export files. Previously, both versions exported site parameters in platform-specific, incompatible formats. After doing a lot of research and experimentation, I think I’ve settled on a common format and encryption scheme that should let you export your sites on one platform and import them on another. Putting this in now also means that the pure Java version should get this feature in 1.0 rather than waiting until later. (Android uses Java as its primary language platform, and while there are lots of differences between Android Java and pure Java, this part should be pretty much identical, making porting it a piece of cake.)

Cryptnos for Windows 1.1 will also include a few minor enhancements, such as better feedback for invalid inputs and a few other minor UI tweaks. Clicking the Generate button will automatically copy the generated password to the system clipboard; this is a feature that already exists in Cryptnos for Android 1.0 and seemed like a no-brainer to add into the Windows version. I’m not sure what changes will be going into 1.1 for Android beside the cross-platform exports; I am, of course, open to suggestions for either platform.

How will this affect the recently announced start of Cryptnos for Java 1.0? Well, the coding has started, and the good news is that the cross-platform stuff should go in right away. I don’t expect a significant delay. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for any of these releases yet, but I’ll post updates when anything interesting comes up.

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