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Windows & Android SVN Repositories Now Available

July 20th, 2010 | Comment?

Just a quick note to announce that, after much soul searching, I’ve decided to set up Google Code projects for both Cryptnos for Windows and Cryptnos for Android. This is primarily for two reasons: (1) Google Code allows us to host our Subversion repositories for these projects publicly, allowing anyone to check out the latest code as it’s being developed and hopefully improving participation and contributions; and (2) the built-in Issue Tracker allows us to track bug reports and enhancement requests quickly and easily. Of course, it’s always been within my abilities and resources to host these two services myself; I’ve built and used many private Subversion repositories in the past, as well as have experience with a number of issue tracking applications. That said, Google Code is quicker to set up and easier to maintain, alleviating the headaches of having to manage and police the repositories myself.

So I officially request all bug reports and enhancements requests for these projects be posted to the relevant Issue Tracker on Google Code. If you’re interested in more rapid code updates than you’ll get here, you can always check out and update your local Subversion working copy from the repo. I’ll continue to post official source snapshots here (as well as on the Google Code Downloads pages) for the time being. Official news and release information will continue to be posted here.

Of course, I’m sure it would help if I actually linked to the project pages. The links are now on the official page for each project, but here they are as well:

I’m not sure if Cryptnos Online will get a similar page or not, but Cryptnos for Java should get one once the code gets close to release.

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