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Cryptnos 1.2 for Windows and Android Released

January 3rd, 2011 | Comment?

Just a quick news post, folks, to announce that Version 1.2 of Cryptnos has been released for both Windows (.NET 2.0) and Android. This has been a struggle to get out, mostly because of some vicious bugs that were uncovered and chronicled in some of our previous news posts. That said, the Android version has been pushed out to the Android Market and the XML file for the .NET version’s update checker has been updated, so those of you who haven’t disabled the update check should get notified within a week at most.

There were a lot of things fixed and updated here, the most important being the inconsistent use of text encodings during password generation. I won’t rehash that issue here; you can dig deeper through the news blog to get all the relevant information. However, these updates should fix the problem some folks have had with incompatible passwords on different platforms, or different versions of the same platform. This is mostly handled by a new Advanced Settings dialog/activity which includes a setting for directly specifying the text encoding to use. Existing installations should continue to use the existing value, i.e. the system default for the platform. However, it is strongly recommended that all users change this setting to UTF-8 for maximum compatibility. All new installations will default to UTF-8, and this is the only encoding recognized by Cryptnos Online. We didn’t want to force existing users to move to UTF-8 if they didn’t or couldn’t do so for some reason, but we strongly recommend you change that setting if you can.

This update also squashes a bug in the Windows app that caused Cryptnos to crash on start-up on some systems. This was especially hard to track down, but I finally uncovered the bug and fixed it. I incorrectly assumed that it was related to the update checking library added in version 1.1, so anyone who followed my previous advice to disable this update check should re-enable it by deleting the registry key after you’ve updated to 1.2.

The Android app includes a few new niceties, such as context-sensitive help from the hard Menu button and a new file manager preference option (also found under the Advanced Settings activity) that lets you specify a third-party file manager to use for file/folder selection during import and export. At the moment, only OI File Manager and AndExplorer are recognized and usable by Cryptnos, but we’ll happily add any other third-party file manager that publishes the necessary intents for us to select files and folders. If you’d like to see us add your favorite file manager to the list and you know they publish these intents, drop us a line and we’ll add it in the next version. If the file manager does not publish public intents for file selection, please contact its developer first and ask them to publish these intents before bringing the app to our attention.

If you’ve been downloading these apps from our site, you’ll find the links in the appropriate platform pages. If you’re relying on your platform’s update mechanism, those should be catching up shortly. As always, please let us know if you encounter any problems by creating or updating issues in our new Google Code issue trackers. You’ll find those links on the pages for each individual project.

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