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Cryptnos 1.2.1 for Windows Released

January 4th, 2011 | Comment?

I know we just released version 1.2.0, but unfortunately I need to push out a quick 1.2.1 update for Cryptnos for Windows. This isn’t a major issue and it’s certainly not a security problem, so it’s OK to hold off for now if you need to. Automatic updates will catch this in a week or so, and manual updaters can take their time grabbing this one a it’s not pressing.

To cut to the chase, I mainly forgot to update the HTML help file with information from version 1.2.0, and then realized I also forgot to update it for 1.1.1 as well. During the process of reviewing these changes, I decided that I didn’t like the “undocumented” settings for debug mode and disabling the update check; I don’t like asking people to hack the registry and risk destroying their system just to tweak a little setting. So I added these settings into the new Advanced Settings dialog, updated the help file, and repackaged everything. If you don’t care about the help or the UI for those settings, the update isn’t pressing.

No changes are required for Cryptnos for Android, as this only affects the Windows client.

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