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Cryptnos for Windows 1.2.2 Released

March 23rd, 2011 | Comment?

Just a quick note to announce that version 1.2.2 of Cryptnos for Windows has been released. Once again, this is a minor update with mostly UI enhancements, bringing a few changes made to the recent update of Cryptnos for Android to our .NET version.

First of all, we’ve added a check to make sure that only one copy of Cryptnos per user is open and running at any given time. We haven’t had any bug reports related to this, but it is theoretically possible that having multiple instances open at a time could cause the site parameters in the registry to get overwritten. I haven’t tested thoroughly that this can really happen, but I don’t see any reason why anyone would want multiple instances to be open at once. The site list could become out of sync between the two copies, such as if you added a site in one instance and it won’t show up in the other.

Another change is a move from a free-form text box to a drop-down list for the length restriction (i.e. character limit) optional rule. We made this change first on Android and it will be in the next version of Cryptnos Online, and it seems to be working quite well in both cases. This move is largely to eliminate confusion on how to specify when no restriction is to be imposed; before, the user had to leave the text box blank to have no restriction, and it wasn’t clear what range of acceptable values could be entered. Now, the drop-down always has a first entry called “None”, meaning no restriction will be site. The rest of the entries are positive integers ranging from one to the maximum length of the Base64-encoded selected hash algorithm. When the hash selection changes, so does the range of acceptable values. If you select a new hash and the the current limit is longer than the hash length, the restriction is reset to “None” automatically. Hopefully, this will make this field easier to understand and use.

On the list off additional minor enhancements:

  • The iterations text box now is much stricter on its validation. Rather than complain when the user enters non-numeric data, those characters are silently removed, as are leading zeros. The 500 iteration warning is still in effect, but you can still use a count higher than this if you really want to.
  • We added a Help button in the About dialog box that launches the HTML help file in your default browser. I’m not sure why we didn’t add that before.
  • Since we’ve been making a lot of smaller point releases lately, we added the build number to the version displayed in the title bar (i.e., it now reads “1.2.2” rather than just “1.2”.

If you have the update checker turned on, you should be notified of the new update within the week. You can force an update check by clicking Advanced, then checking the “Force update check on next launch” check box and closing and restarting Cryptnos. Of course, you can also download the new version from the links here on the site.

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