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Cryptnos for Android 1.2.5 Released

June 20th, 2011 | Comment?

Cryptnos for Android 1.2.5 has just been released. Folks who have installed the app from the Android Market should be getting the notification “soon”, while those who have been “side-loading” the app to their devices can find the links off the official Cryptnos for Android page.

This is mostly a minor bug fix release, although our statistics indicate that most folks will never notice the change. That’s because the bug involved only occurs on Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”), and I strongly suspect I’m the only one even using it on a Honeycomb tablet yet. 😀 .  Full details can be found in the corresponding bug report, but it mostly stems from a change Goolge made to the Android APIs that only manifests itself on Honeycomb devices. In the process, we discovered another deprecated API that may cause problems in future versions of Android, so we took the opportunity to wrap that code in API-specific tests to prevent problems later on.

The thing that might interest non-tablet users is the addition of “Apps2SD” or “move to SD card” support. Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) added the capability for users to move applications to the device’s removable storage (such as SD or microSD cards) if the application supports it. Originally, we decided not to enable this feature for Cryptnos because we felt it might be a security issue to have the app and its data on a removable storage medium. After a careful review of how the feature works, however, we decided that our concerns were largely unwarranted. The actual database containing the site parameter data will still reside in the device memory and won’t be moved to the SD card, while the “bulkier” application code (which isn’t sensitive) can be moved. (If you can call Cryptnos “bulky”, considering it only takes up a few hundred kilobytes of space…). Of course, you’ll need a device running Android 2.2 or higher that has some sort of removable storage card installed to take advantage of this feature.

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