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No News is Good News?

October 5th, 2011 | Comment?

Well… sort of.

I apologize that there hasn’t been much in the way of Cryptnos news lately, folks. Truth be told, there hasn’t been any news primarily because there hasn’t been anything newsworthy to report.

When I started working on Cryptnos, I did so to scratch my own itch.  I wanted a password manager where I didn’t have to rely on anyone else, where I knew precisely what was going on under the hood, that was completely Open Source and open to scrutiny. I built the Windows version and the initial itched was scratched. Then I acquired an Android phone and wanted to have the same power and flexibility while I was on the go. The Android client soon followed; the second itch was scratched. However, I was not content with limiting Cryptnos’ use to just Windows and Android, especially in situations when neither of these clients were available to me (such as accessing a secure site on my iPod Touch). Cryptnos Online was born; the third itch was scratched. I came up with a few additional ideas to improve each version, discovered a few flaws with the help of some very diligent fellow users, and incremented each of these clients through a number of successive iterations. That’s when silence fell.

Unfortunately, now that my personal itches have been scratched, development on all versions of Cryptnos have slowed to a crawl. The Windows and Android clients do pretty much what I wanted them to do and I haven’t had any requests for enhancements in several months. There are several things I want to do to improve Cryptnos Online, but since I use it rarely myself there has not been much motivation. I’ve also had a great deal of work piled upon me at my other two jobs (my “day job” as a .NET developer and my comic strip), chewing up any available free time for Open Source development. This lack of time has also stalled all work on the Java client, another effort that has been on indefinite pause primarily because it’s not an immediate personal priority.

Does this mean that Cryptnos development is coming to a complete halt? Absolutely not! I have a number of ideas on how I’d like to improve the UI of the Windows client to make it smaller and more compact for daily use. I also would love to enhance the Android client to make the experience on Honeycomb and higher tablets better. I certainly don’t want to leave the Java client unfinished. The problem, unfortunately, is that Cryptnos has always been a labor of love that is purely at the mercy of my extremely limited free time. Since Cryptnos does absolutely nothing to pay my bills, it has to take a back seat to the jobs that currently do.

So what does this mean to you? Well, since my personal itches have been scratched, the big takeaway here is that if there’s something you’d like to see in Cryptnos, please use our Google Code issue trackers to make your voice heard. There is an issue tracker for both the Windows and Android clients. If you have a suggestion that you’d like to see that may affect either client (i.e. something fundamental to how Cyrptnos works rather than how you interact with the interface), you may post your request to either list and I’ll cross-post if necessary. That said, if you do make a request, please be patient and I will address it when I can. I’d love to see Cryptnos be useful to as many people as possible, so your input is extremely valuable.

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