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Cryptnos for Windows 1.3.0 Released

October 13th, 2011 | 2 Comments

We are happy to announce the release of Cryptnos for Windows version 1.3.0. While this isn’t a huge release that fundamentally changes how Cryptnos works under the hood, it does introduce enough new features to warrant the bump up the version tree from 1.2 to 1.3.

Here’s a quick run-down of the new features in this release:

  • Probably the most interesting new feature is “daily use” mode. This is a new operational mode that drastically reduces the size of the Cryptnos UI for day-to-day use. The vast majority of the time, most users want only one thing from Cryptnos: to get in, get a password, and get out. They don’t need or even want to see all the details of which hash algorithm is used, how many times it’s performed, how the resulting digest is manipulated, etc. So “daily use” mode provides a toggle that hides much of the UI that is disabled when you check the Lock Parameters checkbox. You’ll see the site name drop-down, the master password box, the Generate button, and the generated password box. That’s it. Cryptnos for Android does something similar by offering a “Generate Existing Password” menu option that only displays these fields. If you need to do something more advanced, such as change settings, edit or add new site parameters, or import or export data, you can toggle “daily use” mode back off to get the full UI.
  • Another new feature is the ability to export site parameters to a QR code. This is the first step toward the introduction of Cryptnos for Android 1.3.0, which will also include this feature. Cryptnos for Android will let you import and export site parameters from one device to another if you have one of a select group of QR code reading apps installed. Cryptnos for Windows adds the ability to export sites to a QR code, allowing you to import the site into an Android device equipped with Cryptnos just as easily. Note that since cameras are not as ubiquitous on desktops and notebook computers as they are on smartphones, the Windows client can only export to QR codes, not import. Special thanks go out to the ZXing team whose awesome barcode reader library enables us to do this.
  • We’ve enhanced the import process so you can now pick and choose which site parameters in a file you’d like to import. Previously, importing was an all-or-nothing process; if you wanted to import only certain sites, you’d have to be specific during the export process. Version 1.3.0 will now display the site names of the parameters in the file and let you select which sites you’d like to import. If a site in a file will overwrite a site already existing in Cryptnos, you’ll see the site name appear in red in the import dialog. You’ll also be warned if you’re about to import a site that will overwrite an existing one. This is also a feature we plan to port to Cryptnos for Android 1.3.0.
  • Now that “daily mode” makes the Cryptnos window much, much smaller, some folks might find it handy to be able to tell Cryptnos to float on top of other windows, even when it loses focus. This is especially useful for folks who prefer to type their passwords rather than copy and paste them, which is much less vulnerable to clipboard based attacks. Well, we’ve added a “Keep Cryptnos on top of other windows” option in the Advanced Settings dialog to do just that. This feature can easily be turned on or off, whichever you prefer. The default behavior is off, which is the same as found in prior versions.
  • And although this is entirely under the hood and invisible to you, we’ve updated our copy of the Legion of the Bouncy Castle Crypto API to the latest version (1.7). I’m not sure if any of the bug fixes and updates included in this release affect us, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

One cool thing about this release is that it gives our Android users a glimpse at some of the new features we’ll be adding to their client soon. Many of these ideas were things we wanted to add to the Android client first, but we just happened to tackle them on the Windows side first by chance.

All of the download links have been updated, which you can find either off the Windows page here or off the Google Code site. If you have update notifications turned on, you should be getting the notice sometime within the next week. Let us know if you have any problems by posting on the Google Code issue tracker.

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