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Cryptnos for Windows 1.3.3 Released

March 13th, 2013 | Comment?

We’re happy to announce that Cryptnos for Windows 1.3.3 is out in the wild. You can find the relevant download links on the official page or, if you have automatic updating turned on, Cryptnos should discover the new version in the not to distant future. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed:

We’ve (hopefully) fixed a nasty bug (Issue #8 in the issue tracker) that may be affecting users who run Cryptnos as an account with less than admin privileges. This seemed to crop up especially in corporate environments with strict security policies that heavily restrict users’ access. Surprisingly, this resulted in a complete loss of the user’s Cryptnos data, forcing them to restore from a recent backup. I prefix this with “hopefully” because the number of reports of this problem were very few, and we haven’t heard back from those folks who volunteered to test the fix to see if it worked. I too was affected by this and it appears to work in my instance, but without further feedback it’s hard to know for sure.

We’ve also granted another user’s request with Issue #10, at least partially. We’ve added a few interesting “hot keys” that let you toggle some settings or perform a few simple tasks right from the keyboard, for those old farts like me whose hands rarely leave the keys. In specific, we’ve added one hot key to toggle the “keep on top” setting, which allows you to quickly force Cryptnos to stay on top of other windows while you do something else, like manually type in your generated password. (Some folks prefer not to use the copy-and-paste method, and we can’t blame them.) You can also turn on and off “daily mode” via hot key now, as well as lock/unlock your parameters, copy generated passwords, and launch the Settings dialog, among other things. Full details on the new hot keys can be found in the HTML file, which conveniently launches when you press F1 (after you update, that is).

The generated password text box now displays its value in a monospace, “typewriter” style font that makes it easier to distinguish similar characters (like the letter “O” vs. zero or lowercase “L” vs. the number one). I feel rather sheepish that this wasn’t in there from the beginning, since I’ve run afoul of mistyping stuff myself because of the old font.

The update checking code has been revamped, including a lot more error checking during start-up. This will hopefully fix a number of issues folks have been having with this process. Oh, and since we’re talking about updates, we replaced the goofy “force update check on next launch” checkbox on the Settings dialog with an interactive “Check for Updates” button. That makes forcing an update check much, much easier.

Cryptnos now remembers its previous location on the screen and attempts to restore it the next time the program launches. This was a sticking point for me as I’ve been constantly moving the window from wherever Windows decided to place it today back where I last had it. I’m not sure how well this works with multiple monitor setups since I don’t currently have one, so feedback on this item would be appreciated.

There are also a few other minor, behind-the-scenes tweaks and changes that aren’t very interesting to talk about. If you’re curious, feel free to peruse the change log to get all the changes. As always, we love getting feedback on how we’re doing, as well as suggestions on how to improve. We’ve got some big changes planned for the future to really expand our features, although they’ve been very slow to implement. We really appreciate your feedback, support, and patience.

Happy downloading!

EDIT: One last thing I forgot! It is with deep regret that I have to report that we are officially dropping support for versions of Windows prior to Windows XP SP3. This was more forced upon us that something we chose to implement. Microsoft dropped support for these old versions quite some time ago, and now our installation compiler (InnoSetup) no longer compiles setup programs that even try to support them. So I’m afraid that if you’re running anything older than XP, 1.3.2 will be your last version of Cryptnos, or you’ll need to manually copy the files from another newer machine. We sincerely apologize to anyone affected by this, although I suspect that list may be very, very small.

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