Is Cryptnos Online Working with Safari on iOS 6?

May 30th, 2013 | Comment?

This is a general call for testers. In specific, we’re looking for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users running both iOS 5 and 6. We believe that Apple may have changed something in Safari on iOS 6 that may break compatibility in Cryptnos Online.

I’m primarily an Android user, but I do have an iPod Touch. This is mostly due to the fact that my music and podcasting habits have been entrenched in iTunes for quite some time, but it also gives me a toe in the iOS pool to experiment and test my various websites, Cryptnos included. I recently received a shiny new iPod Touch 5th Generation with iOS 6.1.3 and during the setup process I noticed that the current production version of Cryptnos Online was not working as expected.

I ran a number of tests on various platforms and came up with the following results:

  • The new iPod Touch running iOS 6.1.3 is not generating passwords correctly. Generated passwords are consistently incorrect, as in the generated password on the iPod does not match the “reference” password generated by Cryptnos for Windows with identical parameters. Both platforms should be using UTF-8 for text encoding. (I can confirm the Windows app is using UTF-8, and Cryptnos Online should use UTF-8 on all platforms.) What’s worse, subsequent taps on the Generate button occasionally produce different generated passwords, something which should never happen.
  • My wife’s 3rd generation iPad (the “new iPad”), also running iOS 6.1.3, exhibits identical behavior to the iPod Touch.
  • My old iPod Touch 2nd Generation running iOS 5.1.1 is generating passwords correctly, i.e. it consistently produces the correct password that matches the “reference” value on Cryptnos for Windows.
  • Additional tests in several desktop browsers also produce correct, repeatable results. I ran a quick sweep through the following browsers and platforms: Firefox 21.0, MSIE 10, Google Chrome 27, Safari 5.1.7, and Opera 12.01 on Windows 7 64-bit; Firefox 21.0 on Fedora 17 (Linux).
  • Additional tests in several Android browsers also produce correct, repeatable results. I tested the following combinations: Chrome 27, Firefox 21.0, “Internet” (built-in browser) on Android 4.2.2; Chrome 27, Firefox 21.0, “Internet” on Android 4.1.2.

Given the consistency among the desktop and Android browsers as well as Safari on iOS 5, my natural conclusion is that Apple changed something in the JavaScript processing on iOS 6 that breaks Cryptnos. Unfortunately, with only two iOS 6 devices to test with, I can’t call that conclusive.

What I’m looking for are users who can ideally run all three of the following tests. The iOS 6 test would be required, but either of the other two tests would be a definite bonus.

  1. Taking note of all input parameters, attempt to generate a password in Cryptnos Online on a device running iOS 6. Please take note of the exact iOS version (Settings – General – About – Version).
  2. Using the exact same set of parameters, try generating the same password in Cryptnos Online on a device running iOS 5 or earlier. Again, please note the exact iOS version. Please report if the generated passwords match. (You don’t need to report the actual generated password or the input parameters.)
  3. Using the exact same set of parameters, try generating the same password in either Cryptnos Online on another device or computer, or in the latest version of Cryptnos for Windows. Make sure you are using UTF-8 encoding in the Windows app (disable “daily mode”, Advanced, Text Encoding). Please report if the generated passwords match.

Feel free to post your results in the comments here on the blog, in the related Facebook post that points here, or send us an e-mail to one of the addresses on the Contacts page.

I’ll do my best to debug and fix this issue, but given that debugging JavaScript is notoriously difficult on any platform and iOS doesn’t make it any easier*, I’m not sure that will be possible. I hate the idea of cutting off Cryptnos Online to iOS 6 users, especially since we don’t have a native iOS app.

* Yes, Safari on iOS 6 has Web Inspector, but that only works with a Mac, which I do not currently have.

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