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Cryptnos 1.3.2 for Android Released

July 5th, 2013 | Comment?

Cryptnos for Android version 1.3.2 has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Before anyone gets too excited, this is a minor bug release that may only affect a subset of users. If you have a very high-resolution smartphone like the new Samsung Galaxy S4, you have may noticed that the main menu icons were rather large. This was unintended, and unfortunately an artifact of our extreme backward compatibility. In a nutshell, Android uses a number of methods to pick which icons and graphics to use based on screen size, resolution, and other factors. While there are methods to specifically target tablets and other large screen devices in recent versions of Android, our decision to target older devices limits our ability to use them. The older methods are a little less particular and inaccurately made high-res devices like the S4 choose the wrong icons.

I’m not 100% sure this will affect all devices that may be affected, but it seems to work well enough on the devices I have to test with. I hope that if anyone discovers otherwise, they’ll let me know.

All the update links here on the site have been updated. The new version should be visible in the Google Play store within a few hours.

We’re still planning on releasing a 2.0 version sometime in the not too distant future, but our time to work on these updates has been pretty limited lately. I’ll try and post updates on our progress when I can. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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