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June 26th, 2015 | Comment?

Just making a quick news post to make two quick announcements:

#1: No, Cryptnos as a project is NOT dead. I know it may seem like it is since there hasn’t been any active development visible anywhere for quite some time, but I promise you it hasn’t been abandoned. I won’t bore you with the minutia, but suffice it to say that the past year has been extremely hectic for me, having changed jobs and moved to a new city. It took us about a year of constant searching just to find a house we were happy with, and now we’re slowly unpacking and trying to resume some semblance of normalcy again. Once that happens, I’m hoping that some of my “free time” will become truly free again and I’ll be able to address some of the long outstanding bugs and improvements I’ve been working on.

#2: Due to Google’s decision to shut down its Google Code service, all of our source repositories have been moved to GitHub. GitHub is a very well know and well respected repository service in the Open Source community, hosting some very well known repositories like the Linux kernel. I’ve gone through and updated many of the links here on the site that previously pointed to Google Code, but there might be a few links straggling, especially in older news posts. The Google Code sites will redirect you to the new GitHub sites, but deep links (like links to individual issue tracker items) might not redirect fully.

Thanks again for using Cryptnos!

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