Cryptnos for Java

Last updated April 25th, 2010

We are currently planning a release of Cryptnos for pure Java (Standard Edition). The primary advantage of a pure Java version is that Java runs on many different platforms, allowing systems not already covered by our other releases to take advantage of its capabilities.

A large portion of this work should already be done for us, thanks to the development of Cryptnos for Android, which itself is written in Java. Most of the back-end data work is effectively complete, leaving the user interface to be the primary work remaining. This means not only user interaction and the overall look and feel of the app, but the input validation and storage (both primary site parameter storage and import/export routines).

Development has officially begun on Cryptnos for Java. At this time, however, we have no ETA for completion of this version. Cryptnos is currently a labor of love executed on borrowed time, so things get done when they get done. The main reason we’re announcing this now is because we don’t anticipate for the work to be all that difficult, so once it happens it should happen quickly. If you would like to participate in the development of Cryptnos for Java, check out the Participate page. News updates can be found in the Java news category.