Cryptnos Online

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Warning: There are known compatibility issues with Cryptnos Online in this browser. We suggest that you upgrade to a newer version of this browser or use a different browser before using Cryptnos Online.

Cryptnos is a multi-platform, Open Source application for generating strong, pseudo-random passwords using cryptographic hashes. It combines a unique "site token" such as a website domain name with a master password and runs this data through a cryptographic hash algorithm to produce a password that is unique, lengthy, seemingly random yet completely repeatable. Unlike similar products, however, it is incredibly flexible. It provides unparalleled versatility by letting you specify the cryptographic hash to use, how many iterations of the hash to perform, what characters to include, and how long the final password should be. Best of all, it is extremely secure. Your master and generated passwords and are NEVER stored.

This page represents the "online" version of Cryptnos, coded entirely in XHTML and JavaScript. It supports a subset of the functionality of the more full-featured applications available for other platforms (Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Java, etc.). More specifically, the online version differs from these clients in the following ways:

This client requires JavaScript to function. This is a design decision to improve the overall security of your generated passwords. Once all assets of this page have been downloaded, no further communication occurs between your browser and the server, so we will never see your parameter information. Generated passwords will stay on your system and will not be transmitted anywhere unless you perform that action yourself.

For a more detailed explanation of Cryptnos and how it works, please visit the full Cryptnos site.