Last updated June 26th, 2015

Eventually, we plan for all versions of Cryptnos to have public source code repositories. Currently, these repositories are being hosted through GitHub:

For the time being, these repositories have open public read access but restricted commit access. If you would like to submit a patch, we suggest you open an issue in the issue tracker for the project and attach your patch to that issue. We will review your code and decide whether or not to include it. Contributors who consistently provide useful patches and helpful feedback may be considered for commit access.  For those who prefer not to get the bleeding edge code, snapshots of the source code for each release are also available as a downloadable compressed archive.

Error reports and requests for enhancements should be posted through each individual project’s issue tracker. Errors reported via other means (e-mail, Twitter, the Google Play error reporting tool, etc.) will be copied into the issue tracker for more public tracking.

We would love to get Cryptnos into the hands of as many people as possible, but not everyone out there reads American English. So we’re looking for translators willing to volunteer some time to translate Cryptnos into their native tongue. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a good mechanism in place for sharing translation data and tasks. If you are interested in helping translate Cryptnos, please contact us so we can help you get started.